An analysis, documentation and demonstration system for traditional musical instruments at the Cretan Ethnology Museum

The expected outcomes of the Project…

The highlights of the HapticSOUND project’s contributions:

1. The accurate and detailed modelling, recording and visualization of the structure of traditional musical instruments so that it is possible to create replicas of them in the future, but also to study and observe them from angles that in reality would be impossible to achieve due to the ravages of time or size or inaccessibility.

2. The sound recording and analysis, as well as the documentation of the functional model of the traditional musical instruments with the aim of saving and disseminating the sound samples and their mode of operation to future generations.

3. The creation of scientific sources through the practical utilization of authentic oral tradition (interviews) and unexploited writings on history and culture with a specialization in traditional music.

4. The visitor’s interaction with the musical instruments without risk of damage or destruction.

5. The digitization data of traditional musical instruments can be used in many ways and for various purposes or even be granted to other cultural institutions, such as for example, conservatories or theaters.

6. The creation of real size 3D prints (replicas) of musical instruments that combines historical accuracy and reliability with aesthetic pleasure.
During the implementation of the research and for the completion of the project’s objectives, the involved laboratories of UoWM and UoM will strengthen their research activity and expand the scientific knowledge and research experience of their staff. This will consequently lead both, to the improvement of the provided education services of the Institutions, and to the scientific and professional development of their staff.


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HapticSOUND is co-financed by the European Union and Greek national funds